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We like to keep things real and relaxed, allowing our couple to be themselves on their wedding actual day, and to create timeless photographs that reflect the honest emotions, mood, and atmosphere of people coming together.
We are sure you’ve noticed how we love to tell the stories through our pictures… We believe in the tangibles. Those intimate moments, of happiness, tears and wonderful memories…

99 Moment Studio

單純喜歡攝影, 透過攝影窗口凝住當下的每一刻… 透過拍照去凝住幸福…

有人問: 現在Digital camera, smart phone 方便得很, 你一個女孩總背那麼大的DSLR相機不累嗎?
我回答: 因為迷戀攝影;)
尤其在為當天出嫁的女孩拍攝時, 那氛圍最真,拍攝出更有感覺與味道的照片能讓我興奮一整天;)

Our service 提供攝影:
✔Wedding actual day 婚禮拍攝
✔Propose /ROM 求婚 /結婚註冊
✔Couple /Sisters photoshoot 情侶/姐妹專輯
✔Baby /Maternity photoshoot 寶寶 /孕婦專輯
✔Family portrait 全家福
✔Graduation Portrait 畢業照
✔Food review 美食專欄
✔Private party 私人派對
✔Company event 公司活動

99 Moments Photography
Photographer : Angel Bong
Any inquiry / appointment kindly contact :
Mobile & what’s app : +65 90187775
Email :


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